Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Trave Digital Marketing, we understands the need for not only onsite SEO but what truly encompasses digital marketing and SEO. Everything from directory listings, to back links. Trave can help you realize your website and brands true SEO potential.

Local SEO vs. National SEO

Local SEO encompasses a myriad of online marketing avenues. The current local seo digital marketing landscape is constantly changing as the Google Search Engine evolves and all the other search engines attempt to follow suit. The following key points are necessities to follow for your local SEO venture.

AdWords and Pay Per Click Services

Our goal for your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is Return on Investment (ROI). Other digital marketing agencies might concentrate on click through rate (CTR) or amount of clicks or number of conversions (goals met), but in the end we at Trave know ROI is really what matters to you. With that in mind, we certainly like to have all our other metric ducks in a row, but having a positive ROI will be the most important piece of your PPC campaigns.

Generally, PPC is a great way to jump start any marketing venture due to its ability to be up and running very quickly. Due to the nature of “pay as you go”, you can sink as little or as much money into this marketing medium and with our help your PPC results will reflect well with that budget. At Trave our PPC motto is results driven, for more information click here.

Difference between AdWords and Pay Per Click?

AdWords is simply the proprietary PPC Service of Google. PPC refers to an online Ad service in which you do not pay for “exposure” or impressions but you do pay if someone clicks your Ad(s). An example of what your Ad could look like is below: (Add Google/Bing/Facebook Ad example).